Photorealistic Montages    

Photorealistic montages show the project at its best and most accurate. Details such as window mullions, materials and cornices are portrayed. Shadows and reflections from nearby buildings allow the viewer to see the project as if already built.

Massing Studies    

A massing study is the best approach when a project is not fully designed. Massing studies show footprint and height without design details such as doors, windows, and materials. Massings allow the viewer to focus on view blockage and size without being distracted by an architectural style that has yet to be determined. The downside of massing studies is that, without the scale that doors and windows provide, the project may seem monolithic and therefore larger than it truly is.

Articulated Massing

Articulated massing is a level of detail between photorealistic and massing. Pitched roofs or placement of windows may be shown to provide scale; however details such as mullions, materials, cornices and reflections are omitted. This is the best approach when the design process has begun, but the architectural language has not been finalized. A sense of proportion is conveyed without a commitment to a specific design.